Ready to Lead the Fight for Freedom

and WIN

Mark Vancuren is a lifelong, conservative Republican. He’s a coach and a winner. Mark knows that NOW is the time to stay in the game and fight for our freedom, families and future – and build a better Oklahoma.

Why I’m Running

“Just like on gameday, I have a gameplan to defend the U.S. Constitution, protect the Second Amendment, stand for the rights of the unborn and keep the federal government out of our lives and businesses. That’s why I’m running.”

–Mark Vancuren

Conservative Republican • Family Man – Coach & Teacher • Man of Faith

Meet Mark

A lifelong conservative ready to lead the fight and WIN

Defend the Constitution

Mark is a conservative who will stand strong for the U.S. Constitution

  • Sunday School teacher
  • Pro-Life & Pro-Second Amendment
  • Rejects Biden’s federal overreach

Stand for American Values

Mark is leading the fight for our freedom, families and future

  • Longtime teacher and coach
  • Married to Sheila for 28 years with three children
  • Stands for the flag and supports law enforcement

Grow the Economy

Mark believes that America First means bringing manufacturing back home

  • Owns a small business
  • Knows how to create opportunities for success
  • Strong supporter of President Trump


Mark Vancuren is a lifelong conservative who is fighting for Owasso.

He is a champion for the issues that matter:

  • Protecting the Rights of the Unborn
  • Defending the Second Amendment
  • Lowering Taxes to Grow Our Economy
  • Supporting President Trump

“From banning Critical Race Theory in our public classrooms to giving parents the right to transfer students to new districts, I will always lead with our conservative values.”

– Mark Vancuren

Take Action

Get involved in the campaign to elect Mark Vancuren to the state House. Volunteer your time, put a sign in your yard or support him on social media.

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